Giza Gary's Egypt
Mastaba of Ti, or tomb of Ti, and Merenuka (2400 BC)
Saqqara, Egypt

Tombs of Ti Tombs of Ti Tombs of Ti
Ti's wife, Neferhotpes, next to the
opening that leads to Ti's Statue .
Ti, "Overseer of the pyramids." Ti's tomb captured everyday life of Egyptions.
Tombs of Ti Tombs of Ti Tombs of Ti
Ti Tomb, scene of animals being herded

Ti tomb, scene of fishermen hunting hippos Merenuka's tomb, scenes of hearding animals
Tombs of Ti Tombs of Ti Tomb of Merenuka
Very mall passage way (3' & less) to reach Ti's sarcohagi Ti's sarcohagi Merenuka's tomb, picture of boats at battle
Tomb of Merenuka
Merenuka's tomb dates back earlier that 2400 bc. Here is this elaborate picture of fishermen fishing. Zoom in on the fish and you will see all of the different type of sea life that they were catching.